Amazon Launches Sponsored Display Advertising

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Amazon Launches Sponsored Display Advertising

Amazon recently launched an advertising campaign. Sponsored Display ads cater to the needs of vendors and professional sellers of small-medium sized companies on Amazon.

With this update, Amazon claims to help the advertisers grow their business by reaching relevant audiences both off and on Amazon.

What is Sponsored Display?

The sponsored display is a self-service advertising solution that reaches consumers beyond those shopping on Amazon, hence filling the gap in the company’s PPC advertising offers. Earlier, the tool was only available to users using the Demand-Side Platform (DSP) of Amazon.

The company claims that the advertisers can access the audience for Product Display Ads and product targeting features in Sponsored Display. It means all Product Display Ads are now part of Sponsored Display without any further action required.

The ads will keep a track of Amazon shoppers on mobile websites, desktops, and in apps. The customers who have visited the detail pages of the Amazon sponsored products or similar products within the last 28 days, but have not made a purchase will be retargeted.

Benefits of Amazon’s Sponsored Display Ads

  • With Sponsored display, audiences are automatically created based on their activities performed on Amazon. It will help advertisers reach customers who are not active Amazon shoppers.
  • Advertisers can also promote their product catalog with the auto-generated and optimized creative in just a few clicks.
  • Be it product awareness or conversion, Sponsored Display helps advertisers measure and meet their goals.

The new ad type is specially made to address the significant gap in Amazon’s PPC advertising suite, which is the ability to retarget Amazon buyers.

Since it is a popular feature on Facebook, Google, and display ad networks, it was time to launch the ad types for advertisers.

Previously, it was available on the DSP  (Amazon’s programmatic media solution). Users were required to spend a significant amount to access it.

But with this new launch, the feature is now available to millions of vendors and sellers. However, there are still a few drawbacks to this version. By using the Sponsored Display feature, Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) was higher than the account average. Since Sponsored Display is aimed at people who browse off Amazon, this can be expected.

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